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On my mind this week: 1) OH MY FREAKING WOW Y'ALL, check out this incredible sofa! Another incredible sofa? This one! And if you splurge on one of those sofas, snag this coffee table for a STEAL to balance it all out! These dining chairs are so freaking great and would look good around this table or this one. Such a gorgeous Berber rug for a good deal! And this dresser is a beauty! Truthfully y'all, I've been obsessed with these shoes for like 2 years, can't believe they popped up on Allhers! These Tecovas boots are pretty awesome too! Random thought: Does anyone else miss lava lamps? In case you missed it, Taylor Swift tickets are popping on Allhers daily - search "Swift" to keep your eye out, they sell out fast. Two cute bar carts for great deals: this one and this one. Boho dining table and some cute boho dining chairs. These chairs are so cool, y'all. I'm a big basketball fan & going to games is the most fun - snag these Spurs tickets! Have y'all heard of Furbo? It's like a nanny cam for your dog with barking alerts, you can toss treats, you can talk to your dog. I got one a few years ago and love it so much. I don't know how, but I somehow missed this and it would be a great lil bar cabinet. Suuuuper nice Pilates reformer! Or...a more casual exercise method - get those steps in while working or watching TV! xx Becca



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Hey y’all 👋 I'm Becca,
co-founder of Allhers.

The idea for Allhers began a few years ago after realizing just how common it was for women to feel a bit nervous when meeting a stranger to buy a used their home. Or having a stranger come into your home to buy something.

Anyone else familiar with the "if you don't hear from me in 10 minutes, I'm probably in danger!" text to your friend?

It's something, as women we've just kind of accepted as is. But it sucks as is!

Enter Allhers - a safe space for any & all who identify as female to buy, sell, recommend, ask advice, find a roommate, find an apartment, find a job. All in Austin (and soon other cities!) and all without fear of harassment, judgement, scams, or spam.

Let the cute
come to you.

Hooray!! Hive fives!

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