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On my mind this week: 1)This bench is freaking incredible - it would look so good at the end of a bed or in an entryway. Calling all SWIFTIES! I've seen some tickets come through the site this week: snag these ones. Y'all this is so freaking cute, SO CUTE! After a rec from a friend, I just bought my first pair of Agolde jeans and love them, snag these ones. Two dressers I'm really into: this one and this one. This one is so great too - check out the details y'all. This sofa would look perfect with this coffee table. And this sofa with this coffee table (or this one!). Power couples, y'all! And then there's the most incredible coffee table to ever exist. Ugh have y'all seen this chair? And this chair is pretty wild, y'all. Three sets of awesome dining chairs: colorful, cushy, cane. Freaking cute purse for a deal. These side tables are so good and this one's pretty cool too! Snag this, this, and this for a complete patio set. This patio table is stinking cute too. How about some deals? This dresser is a major deal, snag this for the bathroom, this bed is a steal, this side table and this one are cuties, this mirror would look great above a vanity or on a small wall, pretty planter box, awesome vintage coffee table. I know a lot of kids (and a few adults) who would love these. Speaking of kids, this looks fun and this would be really cute in a kid's room or nursery. Two very different cabinets that I love: this vintage one and this Restoration Hardware one. 2) Help a girl out, y'all: Kelli is looking for a trusted general contractor. Kaitlin needs a great mechanic. Michelle is looking for some hiking buddies! Janemarie is hoping you have some wedding DJ recs. Alice is looking for a handyman or woman. Kaitlyn is hoping for a great moving recommendation. Jamie is looking for a good cleaner. Sarah has a room for rent in her home! xx Becca


ACS_0329 4.JPG
Hey y’all 👋 I'm Becca,
co-founder of Allhers.

The idea for Allhers began a few years ago after realizing just how common it was for women to feel a bit nervous when meeting a stranger to buy a used their home. Or having a stranger come into your home to buy something.

Anyone else familiar with the "if you don't hear from me in 10 minutes, I'm probably in danger!" text to your friend?

It's something, as women we've just kind of accepted as is. But it sucks as is!

Enter Allhers - a safe space for any & all who identify as female to buy, sell, recommend, ask advice, find a roommate, find an apartment, find a job. All in Austin (and soon other cities!) and all without fear of harassment, judgement, scams, or spam.

Let the cute
come to you.

Hooray!! Hive fives!

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